16.10 - Loading and Exporting at the Command Prompt - Access Module

Teradata Tools and Utilities Access Module Reference

Access Module
July 2017
Programming Reference
Data transfers are also possible using the Teradata Access Module for OLE DB from an active Teradata load/export session without the Teradata OleLoad GUI. Following is an overview of this process:
  1. In a Teradata utility, create a job script that references the Teradata Access Module for OLE DB as oledb_axsmod.dll.

    If the initialization string of the script does not specify batch or noprompt, the Teradata OLE DB AXSMOD dialog box will open when the script is run so you can supply the needed information. (This dialog box is similar to the Teradata OleLoad GUI, but it has limited functionality.)

    For more information, see Access Module Calls and Client Utility Commands.

  2. Run the script from the utility.