6.02 - Teradata Database License Tiers - Teradata Software for Azure

Teradata Vantage™ on Azure (DIY) Installation and Administration Guide

Teradata Vantage on Azure
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January 2019
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English (United States)

Teradata Software for Azure offers four license tiers in the Azure Marketplace, differing in scalability and performance.

  • The free Developer tier operates as a fully functional instance of the configured Teradata Database; however, you cannot upgrade Teradata software, access the Teradata customer portal, or use ServiceConnect with this tier. To use a later version of Developer, you must install a new version, which results in data loss. Developer tier includes community-driven customer support at https://community.teradata.com/azure.

Supported VM sizes vary by license tier.

  Developer Base Advanced Enterprise
Customer Support
Support Type Community Premier Premier Premier
Node Limit 2 64 64 64
System Concurrency Limit 2 15 Unlimited Unlimited
Scale Out/In  
Scale Up/Down  
Database Features
Teradata Columnar™
Teradata Intelligent Memory™    
Teradata Row-Level Security
Teradata Secure Zones
Teradata Temporal
Enhanced Incremental Planning and Execution      
Workload Management     TIWM TASM
Software Available at No Additional Cost
Teradata Data Stream Controller
Teradata Ecosystem Manager
Teradata QueryGrid Manager  
Teradata Query Service
Teradata Server Management
Teradata Studio
Teradata Tools and Utilities
Teradata Viewpoint
Software Available for an Additional Cost
Teradata Data Lab  
Teradata Data Mover  
Teradata QueryGrid connectors  
Teradata Unity  
Teradata Viewpoint (Multiple Systems)