15.00 - Product Parameter Values for Use With Batch Files - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata Tools and Utilities for Microsoft Windows Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
March 2014

You can use batch files to silently uninstall and install Teradata Tools and Utilities products. The command to run the batch file must include a value for the PRODUCT parameter.

Product Parameter Values
Name of Product Suite Name of Product Parameter Value
Base .NET Data Provider for Teradata TDNETDP
Basic Teradata Query BTEQ
Teradata Access Module for JMS JMSAM
Teradata Administrator TDAdmin
Teradata FastExport FastExport
Teradata FastLoad FastLoad
Teradata MultiLoad MultiLoad
Teradata Named Pipes Access Module NamedPipesAM
Teradata OLE DB Access Module OLEDBAM
Teradata C Preprocessor2 Preprocessor
Teradata Parallel Data Pump TPump
Teradata Parallel Transporter Base TPTBase
Teradata Parallel Transporter Stream TPTStream
Teradata SQL Assistant SQLA
Teradata Wallet TDWallet
Teradata WebSphere MQ Access Module WebsphereAM
Teradata Geospatial Utilities TDGeoSpatial
Database Management Basic Teradata Query BTEQ
Teradata Index Wizard IndexWizard
Teradata Performance Monitor Object PMonObject
Teradata Statistics Wizard StatWizard
Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator TQSAdmin
Teradata Query Scheduler Client TQSClient
Teradata Query Scheduler Server TQSServer
Teradata System Emulation Tool TSET
Teradata Visual Explain VisualExplain
Teradata Wallet TDWallet
Teradata Workload Analyzer TWA
Tape Storage Management Teradata Archive/Recovery Utility ARC
Teradata C Preprocessor2 Preprocessor
Teradata Wallet TDWallet
For your convenience, a text string that contains a set of parameter values for each product in a suite is in the following table. You can copy the appropriate text string for use with batch file commands.
Name of Product Suite Text String (set of parameter values)
Base BTEQ, FastExport, FastLoad, JMSAM, MultiLoad, NamedPipesAM, OLEDBAM,Preprocessor, SQLA, TDAdmin, TDNETDP, TDWallet, TPTBase, TPTStream, TPump,WebsphereAM, TDGeoSpatial
Database Management BTEQ, IndexWizard, PMonObject, StatWizard, TDWallet, TQSAdmin, TQSClient,TQSServer, TSET, TWA, VisualExplain
Tape Storage Management ARC, Preprocessor, TDWallet
The command syntax for running a batch file is as follows:
  • batch_file_name "PRODUCT"
where batch_file_name is the name of the batch file:
  • silent_uninstall.bat
  • silent_install.bat

and where PRODUCT is a set of parameter values associated with the suite of products you are uninstalling.

The parameter values are case-sensitive. Be sure to include the quote marks (""). Separate the parameter values with a comma, but do not include a space. For example, to uninstall the products that are part of the Tape Storage Management suite, use the following command:
  • silent_uninstall.bat "ARC,Preprocessor,TDWallet"
When you run a batch file, all of the dependent products are handled automatically (they are uninstalled or installed, depending on whether you are uninstalling products or installing products). You do not have to specify their parameter values.