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June 2020
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Use the Break key to perform the following function:

Function Results
Single-break Interrupt BTEQ

The break key command has the following syntax:

Break key function syntax on z/OS


<break_key> represents pressing the PA1 key on the mainframe keyboard.

<Unlocking_terminal> comprises the following sequence of steps:

  1. Press RESET
  2. Press PA1
  3. Press RESET
  4. Press PA1
When BTEQ is in the process of displaying multi-page output for a query, the keyboard is not locked and pressing the PA1 key sends a user interrupt to BTEQ.

In contrast, when the TSO terminal is waiting for an outstanding request, the keyboard is locked to prevent input. To unlock the terminal keyboard and send a user interrupt to BTEQ, follow the sequence of steps above to unlock the terminal and interrupt BTEQ.