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Basic Teradata Query
June 2020
Programming Reference

There are two types of sessions associated with BTEQ use. The first is a BTEQ session. The second is a database user session. Each invocation of the BTEQ utility creates one BTEQ session. That BTEQ session can then be used to issue logon-related commands for requesting creation of a group of one or more database user sessions. Each group is associated with the same database user identity.

BTEQ sessions provide the following core functionality:
  • Establish one or more database user sessions to submit single- and multi-statement SQL requests using either Teradata Mode or ANSI standard transaction semantics.
  • Use SQL statements to view, add, modify, and delete data.
  • Use formatting commands to produce Field Mode based columnar reports.
  • Specify operating system commands.
  • Create database objects, such as user-defined functions and stored procedures, that require transfer of source files.