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Teradata® Server Management Product Guide

Server Management
December 2018
User Guide

Beginning in release 13.00, Teradata® Server Management Web Services (SMWeb) is migrating all functionality to a browser-based user interface (the Web Client). This migration will be spread over several releases. Functions that are not yet migrated are still found in the SMWeb Java interface (the Java Client), and will be marked accordingly in this content.

The following table provides information on what's changed in SMWeb 13.00.

Feature Description
  • Only VM CMICs supported in CMIC 13
  • Bare metal CMICs are no longer supported in CMIC 13
  • CMIC 13 does not support systems with 2 VM CMICs. New systems will ship with a minimum of 3 VM CMICs on the minimum 2 required VMS nodes. For existing system with 2 VM CMICs, procedures may be available to configure an additional VM CMIC on an existing VMSX, please consult Teradata Customer Services if this procedure is required.
VMS 2.x and later
  • VMS 2.x and later only supported on CMIC 13
Upgrading / Downgrading Minimum versions required for upgrade to SMWeb 13.00:
  • CMIC 12.05.01 or later
  • VMS 2.00.06 or later
User Roles
  • Built-in user roles are: Service User, Administrator, and User, and are now managed in the Web Client under > Users
  • Custom user roles are no longer supported
  • The Server Management SiteID is now set in the Web Client under > Settings > General
  • ServiceConnect configuration on the CMICs is now done through the Web Client under > Settings
  • Configuration of Viewpoint Servers to receive Server Management alert notifications is now done through the Web Client under > Settings > Viewpoint
Portlet functions
  • The Server Management Administration Portlet and the Maintenance Window Portlet have been deprecated. The ServiceConnect configuration portions of those portlets are now in the SM Web Client.
  • The last released portlet version is still functional with CMIC 13. See Portlet Dependencies.