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October 2019
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The Asset Baseline tool collects a snapshot of the system asset inventory. An asset baseline should be collected at initial system configuration and after any changes are made to cabinet configurations or IP addressing assigned through Server Management.
To generate an asset baseline, the Asset Baseline tool must be able to communicate with the node chassis sending information.
When you run an asset baseline, server management software does the following:
  • Collects data bundles containing system report data from node chassis
  • Formats the asset data and saves the output
  • If the site is configured to use ServiceConnect, forwards the resulting output files to the Teradata backend
    For unconnected systems, you can submit the files to Teradata Customer Services for offline processing.
When the asset baseline finishes, you can download the complete set of asset and report files as a zip archive, which is only retained for 10 minutes before it is deleted.

After a new asset baseline has been completed, if the system is connected using ServiceConnect, the CMICs will periodically collect and send detected asset changes to the Teradata backend.