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October 2019
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Requirement Operational
Temperature (dry bulb) Allowable: 15° to 32°C (59° to 90°F)
Moisture Allowable: 20% to 80% (relative humidity non-condensing)
Maximum dew point 17°C (62°F)
Maximum altitude 3050 m (10,000 ft)
Gaseous contamination Gaseous contamination: Copper reactivity rate less than 300 Å/month. Silver reactivity rate less than 200 Å/month.
Particulate contamination Particulate contamination: ISO 14644-1 Class 8 (data center air continuously filtered by MERV 8 filters and air entering the data center filtered by MERV 11 or, preferably, MERV 13 filters)
Vibration limit Depends on the type of component in the cabinet. The operational vibration limit for a typical node is 0.26G (rms) at 10-500 Hz. The operational vibration limit for a typical disk component is 0.28G (rms) at 5-500 Hz.
Static discharge limit 4000 V direct discharge; 8000 V air discharge

Measuring and Evaluating Environmental Elements

Recommended handheld digital meters that can measure temperature, relative humidity, dew point, altitude, and airflow velocity are Kestrel 4000, Omega HHF81, or similar thermometer.

Measurements must be taken at the front of the cabinet before and after installation, and also after the equipment is in production.

Measuring and Evaluating Air Flow

Measure air flow rates of conditioned air entering a computer room through openings that include vented floor tiles, grate tiles, floor tiles with unblocked openings, and cold air diffusers in an overhead cold air delivery system.

Measurements must be taken after completing the installation to verify pre-installation measurements.

Measuring and Evaluating Temperature and Humidity

After the system is in production, take temperature and humidity measurements for each cabinet to make sure environmental requirements are met.

Environmental Contaminants

For details of the clean room standard, refer to https://www.ashrae.org/.