Required Attributes - Parallel Transporter

Teradata® Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface Programmer Guide

Parallel Transporter
Release Number
November 30, 2020
English (United States)
Last Update
Product Category
Teradata Tools and Utilities
Attribute and Type Type Description
TD_BUFFER_MODE varchar Indicates which type of Update method is used.
Valid settings:
  • Default value is No.
  • Must be set to Yes when using the block Update feature.
TD_INSTANCE_NUM integer Specifies the instance number of the current instance.
  • If the current instance is the main instance, then the instance number is one.
  • If the current instance is a worker instance, then the instance number will be a value greater than one.
TD_LOG_TABLE varchar Provides the name of the restart log table for restart information.
If the restart log table name is not fully qualified, it is created under the user’s default (logon) database. Alternately, a working database can be specified using the TD_WORKINGDATABASE attribute. If the TD_WORKINGDATABASE attribute is used, the restart log table name must be fully qualified, even if the restart log table is going to reside in the default (logon) database.
TD_MAX_INSTANCES integer Specifies the total number of instances (main and workers). Required only when using multiple instances of the same driver in a main-worker environment.
TD_RESTARTMODE integer Required only before restarting and must be set to one.
TD_SYSTEM_OPERATOR varchar Specifies the type of driver being used (in this case TD_UPDATE).
TD_TARGET_TABLE varchar Provides the name of the update target table.
TD_USER_NAME varchar Provides the name of the user for the update driver logon sessions.
TD_USER_PASSWORD varchar Specifies the password associated with the user name.