17.20 - Identification - Access Module

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Programmer Guide

Access Module
Release Number
June 2022
English (United States)
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The Identification function identifies an Access Module, and the name and version number of all internal modules. The structure follows:

#define pmMAX_VER_STR_LEN 31                                         
typedef struct _pmVerLst_t                                           
  char                ModuleName[pmMAX_VER_STR_LEN+1];               
  char                ModuleVers[pmMAX_VER_STR_LEN+1];               
  struct _pmVerLst_t *Next;                                          
} pmVerLst_t;                                                        
typedef struct _pmiID                                                
  char       EyeCatcher[pmiMAX_EC_LEN];/* Struct eyecatcher string */
  pmUInt32   StructLength;             /* Length of this structure */
  pmVerLst_t VerIDList;                                              
} pmiID_t;                                                           

where the following is true:

Parameter Field Description
EyeCatcher input Structure description string, such as pmIDParms.
StructLength input Total structure length, including the EyeCatcher string.
VerIDList output First of a singly linked list of module identifications.

Usage Notes

Consider the following when specifying Identification parameters:
  • Requirements – The Identification function is required when the Reqtype field of the pmiCmdBlock_t structure is pmiPIDMOptId.
  • Version Information – The Identification function produces version information. This function is requested as the second parameter (OptParms) in the main function called PIDMMain(). This main function is called by the Data Connector API, then displays the information in its log file. The information is also available to the client utility to record in its log file.
    For Access Module product information on a Windows-based system, go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
  • Modules to List – Include all of the source modules in the list.