Function-Independent Structure - Access Module

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Programmer Guide

Access Module
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June 2022
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The general, function-independent structure identifies a requested function and provides the specifications required by all Access Module function calls. For detailed examples, refer to the pmdcomt.h and pmddamt.h header files in Header File Examples.

typedef struct _pmiCmdBlock
  char         EyeCatcher[pmiMAX_EC_LEN];/* Struct eyecatcher string */
  pmUInt32     StructLength;             /* Length of this structure */
  pmUInt32     Reqtype;                /* function request indicator */
  pmReturnType Retcode;        /* identical to function return value */
  pmTrceLvl_t  TraceLvl;         /* Requested diagnostic trace level */
                                           /* Descriptive error text */
  pmNameBuf_t  ErrMsg;                /* when Retcode is pmrcFailure */
} pmiCmdBlock_t;                                                       

where the following is true:

Parameter Field Description
EyeCatcher input Structure description string, such as pmCmdBlock.
StructLength input Total structure length, including the EyeCatcher string.
Reqtype input Specific function request, as listed in Reqtype Function Requests.
Retcode output

Value assigned by the Access Module function as one of those defined in the pmdcomt.h. header file. Although additional function-specific return codes are defined with each function, typical interface return codes are listed in Typical Interface Return Codes.

TraceLvl input Default trace level to be associated with all functions related to this operation.
ErrMsg output Two-field value assigned by the Access Module function when Retcode is set to pmrcFailure. These fields provide the following:
  • Descriptive error text of up to 32,000 bytes, maximum
  • Length of the text

Whenever an error condition is detected, the Access Module must map the error to one of the error codes defined in the pmdcomt.h header file. If a well-defined match is not found, the Access Module must return a value of pmrcFailure and provide an error description string in this ErrMsg field.

The client utility then presents the error message to the user.