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Teradata® Vantage Release Notes

Teradata Vantage
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September 2018
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Release Notes
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English (United States)
Issue/JIRA Description Workaround
Uninstall command removes persistent volumes too slowly, causing installation failure.


If uninstall command has not finished removing persistent volumes before installation, installation fails because these volumes already exist. Force-delete name space as follows:
'kubectl delete ns td-platform'
'kubectl delete deployment tiller-deploy -n kube-system'
'kubectl delete svc tiller-deploy -n kube-system'
'kubectl delete secret tiller-secret -n kube-system'

Restart installation with init.

Appctl prevents update of images during upgrade.


Appctl prevents update of images with different images during upgrade, due to internal option reuse-values. Override image value with appctl option -f.
Consul pod does not relaunch after hard reboot of node.


Consul pod does not relaunch after hard reboot of node. If all nodes hosting consul are rebooted in succession, there are no more consul pods and AppCenter is down. Restart consul, which performs leader election again, restoring stable state (for instructions, see UDAPP-7158 Workaround).