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Teradata Vantageā„¢ on AWS Consumption for Vantage Getting Started Guide

Teradata Vantage on AWS
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September 2020
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To enable consumption usage metering, Teradata installs certain settings on the Advanced SQL Engine.

Changing these settings impacts collection and billing processes. Do not change the following settings for any reason without the knowledge and consent of the Teradata Operations team.
Setting Description
Resource Usage (ResUsage) Collects system-wide usage data to monitor resource levels so Teradata can perform necessary capacity planning activities on a consumption system.
Database Query Logging (DBQL) Captures query/statement counts and response times. DBQL provides a series of predefined tables and views that store historical records of queries and their duration, performance, and target activities based on logging rules you specify.
User-defined logging rules must include UTILITYINFO and FEATUREINFO options, while excluding SUMMARY and THRESHOLD options.
Performance Data Collection Reporting (PDCR) Collects and reports consumption data.
  • Enables new user VCMUSER, with SELECT grant access, to see the following views:
    • pdcrinfo.vod_dbqlogtbl
    • pdcrinfo.vod_dbqlutilitytbl
    • pdcrinfo.vod_tables
    • pdcrinfo.resusagespma_hst
    • dbc.tablesizev
  • Uses a macro to collect Vantage Unit usage data.
Viewpoint Portlets Aggregates and consolidates consumption telemetry and system health data. Infrastructure alerts monitor system capacity thresholds for the following portlets:
  • Data Mover
  • QueryGrid
  • Monitored Systems
  • Performance Data Collection1
  • Workload Management

1 Teradata is not responsible for updating credentials in this portlet if you change the PDCRAdmin password.