12.04 - EPOD Files - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
January 2017
User Guide
Elastic Performance on Demand (EPOD) files contain information about Teradata Database CPU usage and are used to determine how much Elastic CPU on an hour-by-hour basis a customer has used for billing purposes. These files are required to be transmitted for customers who have purchased EPOD. Teradata Viewpoint is the source of the EPOD files.

EPOD is a capability that gives Teradata customers the ability to increase the performance of their Teradata Database systems. The performance increase is achieved by increasing the percentage of CPU available to customer workloads. When the percentage of available CPU is increased, any CPU usage above the customer-purchased baseline incurs on pay-per-use charges. The collection and display of EPOD data is provided by the features built into Teradata Viewpoint.