7.00.02 - Installations on Teradata Hadoop Appliances Troubleshooting Reference Topics - Aster Execution Engine

Aster Instance Installation Guide for Aster-on-Hadoop Only

Aster Execution Engine
July 2017

This information describes troubleshooting reference topics for issues that you may encounter when installing an Aster instance on a supported Teradata Hadoop Appliance.

For information on other installation issues not related to an installation on a Teradata Hadoop Appliance, see PUT Troubleshooting Reference Topics or Installation Issues.

Symptom and Solution
ERROR: User Data found on node. Node not clean: Found user data on the node. ['/primary/w16z', '/primary/w24z', '/primary/w8z', '/primary/w4z', '/primary/w12z', '/primary/w20z'] The node is not clean and not ready to be added.
  Cause: This error occurs when a previous aster installation is uninstalled, but the w*z directories were not removed.
  To Correct: Delete all w*z directories from the worker node. Issue this command to delete all w*z directories from that worker node:

rm -rf /primary/w*z

Issuing an ncli command returns ERROR: Not found.
  Cause: The issue may arise because the asterenv.sh file was not sourced or was expected in the wrong directory.
  To Correct: See Manually "source" the asterenv.sh file for details on how to manually source the asterenv.sh file.