16.20 - Running the Deployment Script Using PowerCLI - Data Stream Utility

Teradata® DSA - DSU Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Utility
September 2019
Download the TVME-DSCrelease and DSU_Deployer packages. See Downloading Teradata DSC for VMware for DSU.
  1. Open vSphere PowerCLI.
  2. Connect to the vCenter that manages the ESXi host running the DSU vNode. connect-VIServer -server vCenter.server.name Currently the deployment PowerCLI scripts are not signed, therefore, the script ExecutionPolicy must be set to RemoteSigned for the scripts to run (Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned).
  3. Go to the DSU_Deployer directory. The .ova file located in TVME-DSCrelease_version.zip can be uploaded in advance to the ESXi host as a template. In this case, you can use the template name for the <Template> property in the properties file. However, if you have not done this in advance, the deployment script can upload the file as well. To do this, place the .ova file in the DSU_Deployer directory and use the full file name for the <Template> property.
  4. In the Properties directory, edit the dsu.IT.properties.json file. See Sample Properties File (JSON) for a commented version of the file with descriptions of each field. Do not add comments (text after a # symbol) in your file. JSON does not allow comments.
  5. From the PowerCLI command line, run the deployment script: .\tdc.deploy.ps1 The properties file is required and can either be provided as an argument to the script or when prompted. For example: .\tdc.deploy.ps1 .\Properties\dsu.IT.properties.json
  6. Select deploy to run a full installation. The script is re-entrant. If errors occur, you can fix them. The script runs all states again, but action is only taken as needed. The DSU instance has a default root/password of root/iumb123. The deployment script prompts to change passwords. You can either leave the default or type in a new password.