1.5 - Setting up a Client - Aster Analytics on AWS

Teradata Aster Analytics on AWS Getting Started Guide

Aster Analytics on AWS
October 2017

Before you begin, set up a client in AWS to run the backup and restore functions. This client should not be one from any Aster cluster in the AWS cloud. Because during the backup and restore operation, Aster cluster has to be quiesced.

Teradata Aster recommends to set up the client by launching an EC2 instance using available RHEL or Ubuntu AMI in AWS.

Make sure you set up the network properly which allows the client to connect to the Aster clusters you will work on in AWS.
  1. SSH to the client, as ec2-user and using your keypair file.
    ssh -i <your keypair file> ec2-user@<IP address of the client> 
  2. Set up Python and Boto3 on the client.
    1. Install and set up Python 2.7.
      The latest versions of RHEL and Ubuntu come with Python 2.7 out of the box.
    2. Install and set up Boto3.
      pip install boto3
  3. Create your credential and configuration file on the client.
    1. Create ~/.aws directory.
      mkdir ~/.aws
    2. Create the credential file ~/.aws/credentials, and add the following content to the credential file:
    3. Create the configuration file ~/.aws/config, and add the following content to the configuration file:
      region=<the AWS region where you launched your Aster cluster>