1.5 - Troubleshooting Data Restore - Aster Analytics on AWS

Teradata Aster Analytics on AWS Getting Started Guide

Aster Analytics on AWS
October 2017

If the restore operation fails, check the possible causes of failure listed here and the corresponding solutions.

Scenario one

Specified target queen instance id is invalid, either not existing or its not a queen node.

Solution: Specify the correct queen instance id, and then retry.

Scenario two

Specified bucket name does not exist, or specified backup object key name does not exist, or both.

Specify the correct bucket name or the backup object key name, and then retry.

Scenario three

Building restore object failed.

This is very unlikely to happen. The possible cause is lack of resources in AWS, for example, memory.

Solution: Manual intervention is required to free up resources, and then retry.

You need to determine if any new volumes were restored till the time of failure, and manually clean up those orphan volumes.

Scenario four

Storing restore object in S3 bucket failed.

Solution: Manually clean up the created volumes, and then retry.