17.10 - Abort Exception Action Types - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Workload Management

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July 2021
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Consider the possible implications of an abort before deciding to use that exception action. The following examples show why an abort could cause issues.
Request Description Effect of an Abort
A full-table update that has been running for 30 minutes and has only 5 minutes remaining. A rollback would take several times longer to undo than completing the request. Consider instead the Abort on Select option.
Part of a multistatement request in which the results of one request feed into the next request. Aborting one of the requests could result in inaccurate results.
It is considered an exception because of skew. The wrong request might be aborted due to a false skew detection.

Even if you know that the workload does not receive the type of request specified in the exception, be careful. TASM may abort a request that is important to the business.