15.10 - UNIX and Windows Systems Examples - MultiLoad

Teradata MultiLoad Reference

Programming Reference

UNIX and Windows Systems Examples

Following are examples of ways to invoke Teradata MultiLoad on network-attached UNIX and Windows systems:

  • mload </home/mluser/tests/test1 >/home/mluser/tests/out1
  • This command specifies both an input file and an output file:

  • /home/mluser/tests/test1 is the input file that provides the Teradata MultiLoad job script.
  • /home/mluser/tests/out1 is the destination file for output data.
  • mload </home/mluser/tests/test1
  • This command specifies only an input file. In this case, the output is written to the standard output device, which is usually a terminal.

  • mload
  • This command specifies neither an input nor an output device. In this case, a terminal provides both the command input and the output data destination.

  • mload -r '.RUN FILE mld.startup;'
  • This command uses the-r invocation option to specify the Teradata MultiLoad RUN FILE command. In this case, the Teradata MultiLoad job script is in the mld.startup file.