17.00 - Changes and Additions - Parallel Transporter

Teradata® Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface Programmer Guide

Parallel Transporter
June 2020
Programming Reference

The following changes were made to this document in support of the current release. For a complete list of changes to the product, see the Teradata® Tools and Utilities Release Definition (B035-2029) associated with this release.

Date Release Description
June 2020 17.00
  • 32-bit support for Teradata PT has been desupported for IBM AIX, Linux, macOS, Solaris, and Windows
  • 32-bit support for TPTAPI has been desupported for IBM AIX, Linux, macOS, and Solaris
  • Desupported TPT API VC8/VS2005 build support:
    • In Platform Compilers, updated MSVC version to 14.2.

      MSVC 14.2 = Visual Studio 2019.

    • In Code Samples:
      • Updated the VC version to 11.
      • Updated Visual Studio version to 11.
      • Updated MSVCvc versions to 11.
    • In Compiling and Linking Options:
      • Updated vc8 to vc11.
      • Updated TelapiThread.sln files to reflect vc11.
  • In Teradata PT Platform Compilers, updated with supported OS versions.