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Teradata Visual Explain can be connected to a Teradata Database using CLIv2.

Set the connectivity type to CLIv2 before performing this procedure. See Specifying the Type of Connectivity.

  1. Click .

    The Connect to Teradata Database dialog box appears.

    Connect to Teradata Dialog Box

  2. Enter the logon information in the dialog box.
    Box Description
    Teradata Database Name Select a Teradata Database from the list or type a valid Teradata Database name. The list contains recently connected databases.

    The IP address of the server must be stored in the hosts file to use a Host name.

    User Name After selecting the database name, the name of the user who last connected to the database appears in the User Name box. Use the name that appears, or type a different user name.
    Password Enter the password for the user name entered in the User Name box.
    Session Character Set [Optional] Select the session character set from the list. Choose one of the following:
    • ASCII
    • UTF-16
    • UTF-8
    More Click to view Advanced Options.
    Authentication Mechanism Select from the list of mechanisms that automatically appear in this box.

    Each Teradata site implements their own security measures. If a list of mechanisms does not appear and it is not possible to log on to Teradata Database, consult the Database Administrator or the person responsible for Teradata Database security.

    Authentication Parameter The authentication parameter is a password required by the selected mechanism. When typing in this box, asterisks appear to conceal the password.

    Contact the Database Administrator for a valid password.

    Default Database [Optional] Select the default database for the session.
    Account String [Optional] Specify the logon account string.
    Less Click to hide Advanced Options.