Viewing the Bulk Compare Results

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The results of the bulk compare are saved in text-file format. Although any standard text editor can be used to view these files, Teradata Visual Explain provides a more flexible viewing method.

After the Bulk Compare operation finishes, the Bulk Compare report viewer opens.

  1. To select a previously saved bulk-compare file:

    1. Click Plans > Bulk Compare > View Report. The Open dialog box appears.
    2. Select a .bcf file.
    3. Click Open.
  2. Select an option from the Filter By list.

    The default is All. However, the selection remains the same when the application is restarted or the Bulk Compare report viewer is opened subsequently.

    Menu Option Description
    Unmatched Displays only those queries that are different from the attribute selected from the Compare Attribute list.
    Matched Displays only the queries whose plans are matched with the base query plan.
    All Displays the matched and unmatched queries.
  3. Select an option from the Compare Attribute list.

    The default is Complete Information.

    For example, selecting Unmatched from the Filter By list and Join Condition from the Compare Attributes list results in the display of queries that are unmatched on the Join Condition attribute. The queries appear in the left pane.

    Menu Options Description
    Complete Information Displays all reports
    Teradata Database Configuration Displays the Teradata Database Configuration report.
    Step Information Displays the Step Information report.
    Estimated Cost Displays the Estimated Cost report.
    Operation Displays the Operation report.
    Indexes Used Displays the Indexes Used report.
    Index Condition Displays the Index Condition report.
    Residual Condition Displays the Residual Condition report.
    Join Condition Displays the Join Condition report.
    Join Order Displays the Join Order report.
    Source Attributes Displays the Source Attribute report.
    Target Attributes Displays the Target Attributes report.

    For information about reports, see Viewing Comparison Reports.

  4. Select a query from the QCD list in the left pane. The corresponding information displays in the text window in the right pane.
  5. [Optional] From the Bulk Compare report viewer, double-click the cells in the left pane to open the report window.

    To control the number of windows displayed, click View > Multiple Windows. Multiple windows appear per query plan for the selected attributes. New windows are opened for each query plan. To use the same set of windows for the attributes of each plan, clear this command.

  6. [Optional] To display the statement text, server/source information, or visual plan of any query, right-click the query and select a command.