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October 2021
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You can avoid manually selecting what to include in a job scope by using wildcard patterns. Wildcards enable you to select all objects, databases, or both whose names match the criteria you specify. The wildcards are then evaluated at run time to determine the scope of the job.
  1. From the Jobs tab, click next to a job and click Edit.
  2. From the Scope tab, click the option Custom object list and then click Edit list.
  3. From the Wildcards tab, enter a pattern for a database, object, or both in the filter boxes.
    If you select only a database pattern, all objects in the databases that meet that criteria become the scope.
    If you select only an object pattern, all objects that meet that criteria in any database are added to the scope.
  4. Click Add pattern.
    The pattern is displayed in the Wildcard patterns pane and is saved for reuse.
  5. [Optional] Click next to a pattern, and click Delete to delete the wildcard pattern.
  6. Click OK.