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October 2021
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Service-level goals (SLGs) help determine if workload management is meeting expectations. You can set throughput and response time service-level goals.
  1. Edit or create a ruleset.
  2. From the ruleset toolbar, click Workloads.
  3. Select or create a workload.
  4. Click the Service-Level Goals tab and select one of the following options:
    Option Description
    Response Time Goal Enter a time in seconds, and set a service percentage. For example, if you want 90% of queries to finish within 4 seconds, set a response time of 4 and a service percent of 90. You can have different goals in different planned environments. For example, you can set a response time of 4 seconds for a daytime environment and 12 seconds for a nighttime environment. Metrics graphs show response times.
    Throughput Goal Enter a throughput number per hour. You can set different goals for different planned environments. For example, type 200 if you expect 200 or more queries to be processed per hour.
    No Goal Sets no service-level goal for this workload. This option may be appropriate, for example, for very low priority background workloads.
    You cannot remove a service-level goal from a workload if there is an associated workload event. To remove the service-level goal, delete the associated event.
  5. [Optional] Click a planned environment and set environment-specific goals to override the default settings.
  6. Click Save.