Cabinet Build Conventions - Active Enterprise Data Warehouse

6750 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse
March 2018
Product Guide
The placement of the hardware components in a cabinet follows these general cabinet build conventions:
  • 6750 cabinets:
    • Chassis are loaded, in sequence, from the bottom up.
    • All chassis except the top Ethernet switch are loaded from the front of the cabinet, and accessible from both the front and rear of the cabinet. The top Ethernet switch is loaded and accessible from the rear of the cabinet.
    • AC feeder boxes and PDUs are mounted to the sidewalls in the rear of the cabinet.
  • Each chassis has a standard position in the cabinet, and is typically numbered from the bottom up.
    • Chassis that are managed over the server management network have assigned chassis ID numbers. The chassis ID number identifies the chassis by position/type in the management interface.
      In some configurations, chassis IDs are not numbered sequentially.
    • Unmanaged chassis are numbered by position for cabling purposes only. The numbers do not appear in the management interface as identification of the chassis.