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Teradata® AppCenter Customer Installation and Upgrade Guide for vSphere

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September 2020
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You must set environment variables for each logged-in SSH session. Previous settings are not maintained once the session is terminated.
  1. Set the following variables for each logged-in SSH session:
    Variable Action
    1. Make sure KUBECONFIG is set as described in Preparing the Client. If not, run:
      $ export KUBECONFIG=/var/opt/teradata/appcenter/remote-kubeconfig
    1. Make a directory for the cluster:
      $ mkdir -p ~/.appctl/<ANY UNIQUE CLUSTER NAME>
    2. Export APPCTL_HOME:
      $ export APPCTL_HOME=~/.appctl/<ANY UNIQUE CLUSTER NAME>

    If there are multiple clusters and you are using the same client machine to run the installation, Teradata recommends you export a different value for APPCTL_HOME for each cluster.

    APPCTL_DOMAIN Domain name is required to create self-signed certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) communication with the cluster. This is the domain name you put in your browser to access the AppCenter UI components. A self-signed certificate will be automatically generated using this domain name during the installation process. The browser will display a warning if certificates are self-signed.
    1. Make sure that the domain name is resolvable by your infrastructure's DNS service.

      Adding an entry in /etc/hosts will not work.

    AppCenter will not work without a valid DNS configured. DNS should have entries for all the master nodes. For example, if there are three master nodes, there should be three IP address entries added to DNS for the chosen APPCTL_DOMAIN.