16.20 - New Features - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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Data Stream Architecture
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September 2019
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Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) is bundled in two components: Data Stream Utility (DSU) and Data Stream Extensions (DSE).
  • DSE supports third-party backup applications such as Veritas NetBackup, IBM Spectrum Protect (DSA 16.20.50 and later), AWS S3 (including Snowball) and Azure Blob storage.
  • DSU supports backup solutions, including disk file systems, EMC Data Domain DD Boost storage devices, AWS S3 (including Snowball) and Azure Blob storage, but not third-party backup applications.

New Features for DSA 16.20.53

The JDBC connection between the DSC and the database is secure. The JDBC connection string has the Encryption option always ON, and it cannot be modified.

New Features for DSA 16.20.51

  • Support for Teradata ActiveMQ 5.15.9
  • Changes to SSL resulting from ActiveMQ changes
  • You can now set a target group to automatically reject a backup job if any media server is offline.

New Features for DSA 16.20.50

  • Support for additional AWS regions
  • Hot standby node (HSN) stream distribution enhancements
  • Support for IBM Spectrum Protect
  • Ability to delete backup save set files for a given job_execution_id (CLI)
The following new features require Teradata NewSQL Engine 16.20 Feature Update 2:
  • Incremental Restore
  • Enhanced locking management
  • DSC repository can now run on NewSQL Engine 16.20 Feature Update 2

New Features for DSA 16.20.12

  • Network fabric configuration in the BAR portlets
  • Autodiscovery of NetBackup policies
The following new features require NewSQL Engine 16.20 Feature Update 1:
  • New object type: Function Alias
  • Restarting a failed or incomplete restore job

New Features for DSA 16.20

  • Support for network fabric definition to replace using a network mask to specify which media server addresses are used with a target Teradata system.
  • Job status enhancements provide additional information on job progress.
  • The ability to skip join and hash indexes during backup and restore