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Meta Data Services
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February 2015
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

This table lists major enhancements made to Teradata Meta Data Services Release 15.00 features. The enhancements include support for Teradata Database 15.0 features and Teradata Meta Data Services-specific improvements.

New Features
Supported Feature Description
JSON Data Type JSON is a UDT-based Teradata data type. It can be used wherever other data types are allowed – table and view columns, macro parameters, etc. MDS 15.00 does not extract values from JSON columns, or track JSON object references in the MDS repository.
UDT Cast, Transform, Ordering Operations A UDT cast operation converts a UDT value to another data type. A UDT transform operation is used to convert the UDT data between the database format and the application program’s internal format. A UDT ordering operation is used to sort the UDT values.
Teradata Table Functions Table functions are UDFs that return a table with columns and rows as the output result. Rather than returning something simple like an integer or a character string, the function returns a fully formed table that can be iterated through.
Partitioned Primary Index Partitioning means rows with the same range of values for one or more columns are stored in the same block(s). It can be defined for a table or a join index, on a primary index (PPI) or column group. MDS 15.00 supports PPI and not column partitioning.
MERGE INTO Transformation Information BTEQ Reader will search for transformation-type SQL found in a given BTEQ script file, and produce an XML file, in CWM XML/XMI format, which contains the tables and columns from both the "source" and "target" database schema found in the BTEQ script.
Repository Explorer Impact Analysis Identify invalid references, view to base table mappings, column to view mappings, objects that reference a table, intermediate views, etc.
Multi-keyword Business Search The Business Search in Repository Explorer provides a new option for multi-keyword search. The user can now search for multiple keywords at once.
Object Lookup by ID Repository Explorer provides look up of an object by specifying the object ID.