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Meta Data Services
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February 2015
English (United States)
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

Resolved issues are corrections to Meta Data Services 15.00, including related documentation.

MDS Issues
Issue Description
MDS-2764 HTML "special" characters not displaying correctly in all cases in Repository Explorer.
MDS-2940 DDL processor is not handling view based on derived table X, which refers to base view with alias X, properly
MDS-3195 Linux is not setting soft links to
MDS-3260 DDL processor should add UDT name to unknown objects vector before returning META_E_UDT_DOES_NOT_EXIST error to metaload.
MDS-3266 DDL processor gets an internal error while processing a “column conversion” which is really nested user defined function calls followed by a FORMAT clause and an alias.
MDS-3270 The MDS parser incorrectly picks up ‘END FOR' instead of ‘END FORECAST_ACCURACY', and flags a syntax error.
MDS-3284 DDL processor terminates its function search prematurely if the first database it is told to search is SYSLIB and the function is not found there.
MDS-3289 DDL processor wastes time trying to get cols/params for referenced repository objects it has already discovered have no cols/params.
MDS-3310 When a view references out-of-sync views, the view should be put out-of-sync.
MDS-3319 When called by DIM Update, DDL processor should set the sync levels of all referencing objects to zero before deleting a referenced object.
MDS-3346 DDL processor is not handling columns, view columns, parameters, and attributes with XML data type properly.
MDS-3375 ViewSWF should display the Database name for each Base Table.
MDS-3394 TriggerSWF should identify frozen objects.
MDS-3401 Initial load of UDF does not set FunctionReturnType property.
MDS-3414 Search results need better sorting when no DIMInfo is specified.
MDS-3415 ViewColumn business data dialog does not display correct names.
MDS-3454 ObjectCollectionSWF displaying incorrect message when servicing ViewColReferencesConstants.
MDS-3470 Metaload not trying to set up UDF relationships on a successful resync.
MDS-3533 Table workflow is incorrectly displaying TableHasErrorTable relationship.
MDS-3548 All unique properties not displayed in Search form pulldown menu.
MDS-3551 Error generated in MetaSurf JoinIndex.asp
MDS-3580 Metaload not handling NoPI and partitioned table correctly
MDS-3785 Relationship ViewColReferencesFunctions should not be propagate delete.
MDS-3789 SuperPID property is not defined in metapropertydesc
MDS-3811 ClassObjects workflow in Metamodel Management is not wired correctly for Back button.
MDS-3975 Metaload deletes wrong database when database owns another database.
MDS-3988 Metaload loading of function objects fails to resolve missing function.
MDS-4001 Metaload mishandles NULL column loids for views processed by DDL processor.
MDS-4002 DDL processor is truncating some large DDLs (> 12500 characters) when running under metaload.
MDS-4008 Compare of versions of for a Table object displays wrong version numbers.
MDS-4029 Metaload needs new message when all of -n,-l, and -p not given with new system name.
MDS-4038 mdsconfig does not allow setting of default database name.
MDS-4048 metaload failed with META_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND
MDS-4122 Metaload exclude failing with names given in UAmpersand format.
MDS-4125 Metaload unload gets META_E_INVALID_CHARACTER_FOUND when -U file uses UAmpersand entries
MDS-4134 Metaload does not report unknown table referenced by a trigger
MDS-4136 Metaload seg fault during Linux resync
MDS-4141 Metaload fails with META_E_COLUMN_DOES_NOT_EXIST when input file uses U&".."