Running a Statistics Analysis - Teradata Warehouse Miner

Teradata Profiler Plug-in User Guide

Teradata Warehouse Miner
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November 2017
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  1. Open a Statistics Analysis:
    1. In the Profile Project Explorer, right-click a statistical analysis.
    2. Select Open.
  2. Choose the data columns to be included:
    1. Select a database.
    2. Select a table.
    3. Select one or more columns to profile from the Available Columns list.
  3. [Optional] Select to group the columns:
    1. Click the Group By (Optional) tab to view the available columns.
    2. Select one or more columns to Group By. If you select two or more Group By columns, no result graphs are available.
  4. Configure the expert options:
    1. Click .
    2. [Optional] Enter a Where Clause to restrict rows selected by the analysis.
    3. Click OK to apply the Where Clause to the analysis.
  5. Configure the output options:
    1. Click .
    2. [Optional] To save the results to the Teradata Database, select Store Analysis in Database.
    3. Enter the Database and Table name of the results table to be created.
    4. Click OK.
  6. [Optional] Configure the statistic options:
    1. Click
    2. Select the options.
    3. Click OK.
  7. Run the analysis by clicking . The results appear in the Results View.
  8. Load the saved results of the analysis by clicking . The Load icon is enabled only if the analysis was executed after it was saved to ensure the results match the analysis.
  9. Save the analysis by clicking . The analysis definition is saved into the metadata database for this connection.