16.10 - Upgrading DSU from Teradata Virtual Machine Developer Edition 14.10 - Data Stream Utility

Data Stream Utility Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Utility
August 2017
Use this procedure to upgrade DSU on TVME 14.10 to DSU on Teradata Database on VMware 15.11 and then migrate your data. You need to back up the 14.10 DSC repository, upgrade DSU on TVME 14.10, then back up the upgraded DSC repository before upgrading to Teradata Database on VMware and migrating your data. The following list describes the upgrade and migration workflow.
To protect your data, follow these steps carefully.
  1. Download the latest versions of the software needed for the upgrade. See Downloading Software to Upgrade from DSU on TVME 14.10.
  2. Prepare your DSC repository for upgrade by backing up the current DSC repository on TVME 14.10, upgrading DSU on the 14.10 VM to the latest version, then backing up the upgraded DSC repository. See Preparing the DSC Repository for Upgrade.
  3. Install the latest version of Teradata Database for VMware for DSU. You need to follow specific steps for the upgrade. See Installing Teradata Database for VMware for DSU Upgrade.
  4. Migrate the data from TVME 14.10. See Migrating the Data from TVME 14.10.