Configuring Data Mover Portlets on a Viewpoint Instance: Quick Deployment - Teradata Software for AWS - 5.08

Teradata® Software for AWS Quick Deployment Guide

Teradata Software for AWS
Although you can configure this software yourself, we recommend contacting Teradata instead. See
If you did not deploy the software using quick deployment, see the Teradata® Software for AWS Installation and Administration Guide.

You must configure the Data Mover portlet if you plan to use Teradata Viewpoint for data movement.

  1. From the AWS Web Console, note either the Public IP or Public DNS of the Viewpoint instance.
  2. From your browser, display the Viewpoint portal log on screen by typing: http://public-DNS-or-IP/c
  3. Log on to the Teradata Viewpoint portal using administrator credentials.
  4. Open the Data Mover Setup portlet.
    1. Under Users and Roles, select the admin role and move it to the Selected Users list.
    2. Click Apply, then close the portlet.
  5. From the Viewpoint portal, click Add Content to add the Data Mover portlet.