16.00 - Portlet Controls - Teradata Viewpoint

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Teradata Viewpoint
October 2016
User Guide

The Teradata Viewpoint Administrator controls which portlets and what features you are authorized to use. If a portlet or feature is not available, the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator can assign permissions.

Each portlet instance has its own settings and controls as well as the features common to all portlets. Not all portlets have all controls.

You can access the following portlet features and controls.

Adjust Height
Adjusts the vertical size for portlets and appears at the bottom of the portlet frame. Drag the control to resize the portlet vertically. The portlet retains its new dimensions until you reset the height.
Returns to the previous view.
Information Balloons
Displays detailed information when you mouse over graphs and other objects in the portlet.
Pause, Resume
Pauses or resumes refreshing data for a portlet.

If rewind is on, you can select to Unlink from Rewind or Link to Rewind.

If rewind is off, you can select Refresh to bring the most recent data collection from the Viewpoint server to the portlet.

Portlet Frame
Contains portlet controls.
Portlet Name
Displays the portlet name.
Provides the following indications of the status of the rewind function for a portlet:
  • indicates a portlet can participate in rewind.
  • indicates the rewind feature is on.
  • indicates the portlet is unlinked from rewind.
Restore Height
Resets the portlet to its default height. This button appears in the bottom right of the portlet frame only after you change the default height of the portlet.
Selection Menus
Contains menus for selecting the data to be displayed in the portlet.
Table Actions
Provides controls for managing information displayed in the table.
Time Stamp
Displays the last time data was retrieved from the Teradata server. The time is based on the time zone set in the Profile portlet.
Contains buttons for quick access to information.

You can access the following portlet controls from the portlet menu .

Accesses portlet settings. Settings are used to specify what information is displayed, time intervals for reporting, and other features that help you customize the portlet functions.
Resizes the portlet to span two columns in the portal page.
Resizes the portlet to one column wide.
Captures a customized version of a portlet for use by other users. The Teradata Viewpoint Administrator must make the customized portlet available for sharing.
Opens a browser window containing Teradata Viewpoint Help for a specific portlet.
Removes the portlet from the active portal page.