Configure Multiple Multi-Purpose Servers | Teradata Data Mover - 17.10 - Configuring Multiple Multi-Purpose Servers - Teradata Data Mover

Teradata® Data Mover Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

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June 2021
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Having more than one Data Mover multi-purpose server in the environment can improve performance when copying data from one Teradata Database system to another. Each Data Mover multi-purpose server can have one or more Data Mover components running on it.

If the Data Mover agent must be run on a system other than the Data Mover daemon, the host name for the server running the Data Mover daemon must be resolved to a publicly-accessible IP address in the /etc/hosts file.

If only agents are running on the additional Data Mover multi-purpose servers, they must be configured to work with the Data Mover multi-purpose server that has the Data Mover daemon running on it.

When using multiple Data Mover agents, each Data Mover agent must have a unique Agent ID.

  1. Provide the correct Teradata ActiveMQ broker url and port number values in one of the following ways:
    • During installation of the Data Mover agent component on the Data Mover multi-purpose server
    • After installation by modifying the broker.url and broker.port in the file where ActiveMQ runs.
  2. Edit the Agent ID property in the file.
  3. Restart the Data Mover agent service to implement the changes.