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Teradata® Data Mover Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Data Mover
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June 2021
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Data Mover provides automatic failover support when multiple Data Mover servers are configured in a dual environment. Automatic failover configuration must meet the following requirements:

  • Two additional monitoring severs available to monitor the active and standby components. It is highly recommended that you use a Viewpoint multi-purpose server for this configuration.
  • Each monitoring server must be local to the site and ideally be attached to the same network as the components being monitored to avoid an automatic failover caused by network partitions.
  • The DMFailover package must be installed on all servers, including the active and standby daemon, monitoring, and agent servers that are part of the cluster.
If additional monitoring servers are not available, you can enable repository synchronization by using the Data Mover synchronization service. The sync service alone does not support automatic failover and requires manual intervention to enable failover from active to standby components. If configuring the sync service without configuring automatic failover, see Configuring the Synchronization Service without Automatic Failover.
When using the synchronization service with failover, use the public IP address or hostname of the system, not the localhost hostname or the IP address.
The following files, located in the /opt/teradata/client/nn.nn/datamover/failover/ folder, are required when using the monitoring service. Where nn.nn in the filename refers to the Data Mover version.
File Description
/etc/opt/teradata/datamover/ Specifies the active and standby components to be monitored.
/opt/teradata/client/nn.nn/datamover/failover/dmcluster Script for setting up SSH log on, configuring the servers in active and standby modes, starting and stopping the monitoring service, and checking the status of the active and standby components.
/opt/teradata/client/nn.nn/datamover/failover/DMFailover.jar Executable binary file used for automatic failover.
/etc/opt/teradata/datamover/ Specifies if Server Management alerts need to be sent if the monitoring service detects a failure. This file is used only on the monitoring server.