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Teradata® Data Mover Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Data Mover
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October 2020
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Data Mover log files are moved to the /var/opt/teradata/datamover/logs directory as follows:
  • dmDaemon.log
  • dmAgent.log
  • dmSync.log
  • dmFailover.log
  • upgrade_backup.log
During Data Mover installation and upgrade, the log files are preserved with up to 10 backups. For example, dmdaemon-postinstall.log backups are preserved as dm-daemon-postinstall.log.1, dmdaemon-postinstall.log.2, and so on, up to dmdaemon-postinstall.log10, where the most recent file is dmdaemon-postinstall.log.1. The following log files, with date and timestamp details added, are preserved during installations and upgrades:
  • /tmp/dmdaemon-postinstall.log
  • /tmp/dmagent-postinstall.log
  • /tmp/put-dmschemaupgrade.log
  • /tmp/put-dmlistagents.log
  • /var/opt/teradata/datamover/logs/upgrade_backup.log

Log files for DSA are located in the /var/opt/teradata/dsa/logs directory.

Log files for the Data Mover RESTful API are located in the /var/opt/teradata/datamover/logs directory as tdmRest.log file.

The log file /tmp/dmdaemon-preupgradecheck.log captures the output of the Data Mover pre-upgrade check.