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The TASM PreMigration tool helps customers to migrate an existing workload to Tactical and TimeShare methods based on enforcement priority and relative weights.

The SLG Tier method is intended for workloads that are associated with a short service level goal or service level expectation, which do not generally consume large amounts of CPU, and whose response time consistency is critical to the business.

The PreMigration recommendation on SLG Tier mapping is based on enforcement priority and workload classification - which may not be correct for many customers. PreMigration does not provide any recommendation for SLG Tier workload method percent share. This complicates SLES11 TASM migration.

Many customers find it difficult to assign the workloads to the SLG Tier method with an appropriate percent share. TWA bypasses this difficulty by providing the option to analyze the existing workloads based on DBQL data, and in this way provides the recommendations for workload reconfiguration.

This TWA feature analyzes the existing workloads and provides the recommendations for SLG Tier migration based on peak CPU time and workload relative weight.

The Existing Workload Analysis feature analyzes the DBQL data based on the rules shown in “Figure 27: Existing Workload Analysis Rules” on page 178 and provides the recommendations for the SLG Tier workload management method and the workload percent share. For more information on using Existing Workload Analysis, see “Chapter 5 Analyzing Existing Workloads to Meet SLGs” on page 125.

Figure 27: Existing Workload Analysis Rules
  • In the Existing workload Candidates Workload Report, right-click a workload and select SLG tier hints Report to generate the recommendations as shown below.
  • The SLG Tier Workload Method Hints Report appears.

    Figure 28: SLG Tier Workload Method Hints Report



    Workload Name

    Displays the name of the current workload being viewed

    Enforcement Priority

    Displays the currently assigned enforcement priority for the selected workload

    Relative Weight %

    Displays the relative weight associated with the workload

    Peak CPU %

    Displays percent of Total CPU Percentage of the total CPU time (in seconds) used on all AMPs by this session

    SLG (Response Time)

    Displays SLG Changes Response Time

    Recommendation for SLG Tier

    Displays recommendation for SLG tiers (YES/NO)

    Recommended SLG Tier Share

    Displays recommended Share Percentage of SLG tier