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ARC1280 Partial AMP RESTORE/COPY not allowed when re-hashing data.


During a multi-stream partial AMPs restore, fewer streams are run during the restore than were used during the archive. This is typically done because the target system supports fewer streams than the source system. When this occurs, the restore must be run in multiple jobs, where each job restores a subset of the total number of streams. If the target DBS does not support Partial AMPs restore, then this could cause the DBS to restart. This problem particularly occurs when the hash function on the target system is different than the hash function on the source system, requiring a re-hash of the data when it is restored. Therefore, the utility will terminate in error if a Partial AMPs restore is attempted on a target system that requires re-hashing.

For Whom

End User.


This is a FATAL error.


Contact Global Support Center to determine which DBS releases supports Partial AMPs restore. With the proper DBS release, Partial AMPs restore will be supported even when re-hashing of the data is required.