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ODBC Driver for Teradata® User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata
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August 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

This section provides information needed to use ODBC Driver for Teradata with custom and off-the-shelf ODBC applications, relative to the published ODBC standard. The following information is covered.

Section Heading Contents
Software Development Kits SDKs required for developing ODBC applications
ODBC Conformance The levels to which ODBC Driver for Teradata implements the ODBC specification
ODBC SQL Grammar ODBC SQL grammar and core compliance
ODBC Connection Functions and Dialog The ODBC Driver for Teradata API defines three connection functions for establishing a connection to a database
ANSI SQL 1992 Syntax How ODBC Driver for Teradata supports the entry level ANSI SQL 1992 syntax
Keywords for SQLDriverConnect() and SQLBrowseConnect() Attributes that can be used with SQLDriverConnect() and SQLBrowseConnect()
ODBC Pattern Escape Character The ODBC pattern escape character
Large Objects Support for Large Objects, including BLOB and CLOB
User-Defined Functions Support for User-Defined Functions
User-Defined Types and User-Defined Methods Support for User-Defined Types and User-Defined Methods
Parameter Arrays Using parameter arrays to reduce network traffic
Large Decimal and BIGINT Support Support for Large Decimal and BIGINT
64-bit Support Useful references when working in 64-bit