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February 2022
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The IntelliFlex system can accommodate up to 36 groups using four pairs of second-tier 36-port switches. This allows for up to 468 nodes.
System Network Topology for a 36-Group IntelliFlex System
System network topology for a 36-group IntelliFlex 1.x system using second-tier 36-port switches
  • The system consists of up to 36 groups.
  • The first cabinet contains IntelliFlex processing nodes.
  • The other cabinets may also contain IntelliFlex processing nodes.
  • The first cabinet contains a system VMS for Server Management, and may contain additional TMSs.
  • A cabinet VMS for Server Management is added for every 50 servers.
  • Each clique forms a group of up to 13 nodes. The nodes in the group share the first-tier switches in the first cabinet of the pair.
  • Four ports on each of the first-tier InfiniBand switches in each group are used to provide the uplink connections to the second-tier switches.
  • The system uses four sets of 36-port second-tier switches. These second-tier switches are located in cabinet 2, cabinet 4, cabinet 6, and cabinet 8.
  • Of the four uplink connections to the second-tier switches, one connects to each second-tier switch (for each fabric).
  • When connected to a UDA network, the second-tier switches can be used for UDA connections. Distribute the UDA connections evenly across the pairs of second-tier switches for best performance.