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February 2022
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Using Teradata Hardware Products

This guide provides information on the following products:
  • IntelliBase®
  • IntelliFlex® 1.x
  • 9400 Cabinet
  • These tasks assume the system is running the latest version of Server Management. If the system is running an older version, and you find discrepancies, consult the Server Management guide for that version.
  • Server Management Web Services (SMWeb) has two interfaces:
    • Web Client (13.x and later)
    • Java Client (SMClient)
As of this release:
  • IntelliBase 2.0 is supported on Analytics Database (16.20 and later).
  • IntelliBase 1.0 and IntelliFlex 1.x are supported on Teradata Database only (up to Teradata Database 16.10).

Why Would I Use this Content?

Use this content if you want to understand the following for Teradata IntelliBase, IntelliFlex 1.x, and 9400 Cabinet:
  • Product description
  • Platform summary
  • Infiniband Network Topology
  • Network storage information
  • Product statements

How Do I Use this Content?

Find out about the latest hardware products used in Teradata along with their detailed description. You can also information relating to the regulatory compliance certifications pertaining to various geographies where Teradata or its customers operate.

How Do I Get Started?

Review the relevant product summary information, then proceed to the product version section in this guide. It's also a good idea to be familiar with the Product Statements.