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Teradata® Tools and Utilities for Microsoft Windows Installation Guide

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June 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The 17.00 release can co-exist with the release and later versions. The active release is the most recent release installed. For example, if is installed, then is the active release. If 17.00 is installed after installing, 17.00 becomes the active release. The releases can be installed in any order. Installing 17.00 then makes the active release.

Clear the Uninstall Previous versions check box on the Select Features when installing 17.00 if the 15.10.* (* is 10 or greater) release is not uninstalled. This option is also available in silent install. See Silently Installing Teradata Tools and Utilities Products for details.

The TTUListProducts application can be used to set the active release if more than one release is installed. This application is available on the Teradata Client 17.00 start menu item. TTUListProducts indicates the current active release and lists all the products that are installed on the system. The difference between the active release and non-active release is that the bin folder will be on PATH. A logoff or reboot will be required when the PATH is updated. This is a Windows restriction. The non-active release products can be used from the Start menu item for that release.

A bat file named ttu_1700_PATH.bat is provided in the bin folder to access the 17.00 release in a command prompt window if 17.00 is not the active release. This bat file will update the PATH to include the 17.00 bin folder.