15.10 - Margins - Preprocessor2 for Embedded SQL

Teradata Preprocessor2 for Embedded SQL Programmer Guide

Preprocessor2 for Embedded SQL
Programming Reference

The default precompiler margins are 8 and 72. This is standard ANSI formatted COBOL, which provides that:

  • Columns 1-6 are available for sequence numbering
  • Column 7 is used to indicate:
  • Comments (*)
  • String continuation  (-)
  • Debug statements (D)
  • Page eject lines (/)
  • Margin A begins in column 8
  • Margin B begins in column 12
  • The EXEC SQL prefix must start in or after column 12
  • SQL statements are coded in columns 12 through 72
  • Specifying margins beginning in column 1 is also an option.

    This specification selects terminal formatting, a less-restrictive form available in the network-attached environment. The format used with the network depends on the compiler installed; check the installation preferences for the proper format.