15.10 - E2I Conversion Exceptions - Teradata Database

Teradata Database International Character Set Support

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External-to-internal (E2I) conversion generates an exception when a character in the client repertoire cannot be converted to the server repertoire.

For example, an attempt to insert a non-Latin character into a character column where the server character set is LATIN generates a conversion exception.

E2I conversion exceptions generate an SQL error.

Conversion from non-Japanese multibyte client character sets to KANJI1 generates an exception when a character is outside the 7-bit ASCII range of KANJI1.

Conversion of multibyte characters from the Japanese client character sets to KANJI1 is more forgiving than the conversion to UNICODE. This is because earlier Teradata Database Japanese language releases only range-checked multibyte characters during E2I conversion, allowing undefined code points from the client character sets.

The E2I conversion from single-byte characters in any client character set to GRAPHIC always generates an SQL error. This error may be masked when constants are used because constants are processed internally as UNICODE.

For example, it is possible to insert GRAPHIC data (via '..' XC) from an ASCII character set into a GRAPHIC column; however, selecting that GRAPHIC column from the same ASCII character set returns an error.