15.10 - I2E Conversion Exceptions - Teradata Database

Teradata Database International Character Set Support

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Internal-to-external (I2E) conversion generates an exception when a character in the server repertoire cannot be converted to the client repertoire.

For example, an attempt to convert a multibyte KANJISJIS character to an ASCII character generates a conversion exception.

For most I2E character conversion, exceptions are ignored and the offending character is converted to the predefined error character for the target client character set.

For information on error characters, see “Error Characters” on page 140.

The I2E conversion from GRAPHIC to single-byte characters in any client character set always generates an SQL error.

To get the hexadecimal representation for GRAPHIC characters, you can use CHAR2HEXINT. For more information on CHAR2HEXINT, see SQL Functions, Operators, Expressions, and Predicates.

Conversion from KANJI1 to non-Japanese multibyte client character sets generates an exception when a character is outside the 7-bit ASCII range of KANJI1.