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Teradata FastLoad Reference

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Changes to This Book

The following changes were made to this book in support of the current release. Changes are marked with change bars. For a complete list of changes to the product, see the Teradata Tools and Utilities Release Definition (B035‑2029) associated with this release.


Date and Release




  • The Database Name can contain up to 129 bytes. See Table 18 on page 65 and “Notify Exit Routine Example” on page 208.
  • TEXT data requires all CHAR or ANSIDATE data types. See “Text Data” on page 23 and “SET RECORD” on page 151.
  • The invocation diagram now provides the -w option to adjust the line wrap when displaying long output messages. See “Batch Mode on Network‑Attached Client Systems” on page 34.
  • Byte and character terminology is now consistent.
  • The Unsupported Data Sets and Tapes section has been removed.
  • User exits (INMOD and Notify Exit) should not make calls to the Teradata Call Level Interface (CLIv2).
  • COBOL references were removed. See Appendix D: “Compile, Link, and Execute INMOD and Notify Exit Routines.”
  • Teradata FastLoad now supports the Big Number (BIGINT, Large Decimal and NUMBER) data type in the NULLIF clause on network platforms.
  • New note for LOGOFF command.
  • New sample output.