15.00 - After a Client System or Teradata FastLoad Failure - FastLoad

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After a Client System or Teradata FastLoad Failure

When a client system or a Teradata FastLoad failure occurs while a Teradata FastLoad job is running, Teradata FastLoad:

1 Pauses the job.

2 Tries to log off all Teradata FastLoad sessions on the Teradata Database.

    locking error_table_name for access
    select errorcode, errorfieldname
    from error_table_name;

To access the Teradata FastLoad target table, a Teradata FastLoad job consisting of a BEGIN LOADING and an END LOADING command must be submitted. This effectively restarts and ends the job.

After executing the END LOADING command, the Teradata FastLoad target table can be accessed, but the original job cannot be restarted.

The following subsections describe the various pause conditions, the factors affecting Teradata FastLoad restart operations, and the procedure for restarting a paused Teradata FastLoad job.