Activating Teradata Database System - Teradata Unity

Teradata® Unity™ Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Unity
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October 2018
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When a new Unity environment is setup, all of the Teradata Database systems are initially in the Unrecoverable state. To allow client access to the systems and tables, place the systems in the Active state.

As soon as one managed Teradata Database system is put into the Active, Read-Only or Standby state, the Endpoint processes will accept connections.

To activate a system, you can run the SYSTEM ACTIVATE command with or without the SYNCED FROM clause. You must first run the SYSTEM ACTIVATE command without the SYNCED FROM clause as part of a new Unity setup to create an initial point of reference for Unity to synchronize data. Then you can run the SYSTEM ACTIVATE command with the SYNCED FROM clause to activate a system or table using an existing system or table that is in the Active state as a point of reference. This command assumes that data from the Active system/table is successfully copied to the Unrecoverable system/table prior to the command being executed. It requires copying data from a system or table that is in an Active state to an Unrecoverable system or table.
The SYNCED FROM clause does not synchronize the data between the two systems; it only synchronizes the internal table and system states within Unity. It is up to the operator to manually copy the data between the two Teradata systems.
  1. Use the SYSTEM ACTIVATE ALL command to synchronize data between two systems as follows:
    Option Description Usage Notes
    Activate data for all systems. The data for all of the tables to be managed by Unity (as specified in the Unity Data Dictionary) has been synchronized. Use the SYSTEM ACTIVATE ALL command. The ALL clause indicates to Unity that the data in all of the managed tables has been synchronized. This command places all the systems and tables into the Active state.
    All systems must be in the Unrecoverable state for this form of the SYSTEM ACTIVATE command to be allowed.
    Activate data on specific systems. No initial data synchronization has been completed. Only the system containing up to date data can be activated. Use SYSTEM ACTIVATE <tdpid> where <tdpid> is the system of record. This command places the specified system and all of the tables on that system in the Active state. All other systems and tables on those systems remain in the Unrecoverable state. Once the SYSTEM ACTIVATE command has been executed all remaining systems and tables that are left in the Unrecoverable state must be activated using the SYSTEM ACTIVATE with the SYNCED FROM clause.
    Activate all remaining systems and tables that are in the Unrecoverable state.   Use the SYSTEM ACTIVATE command with the SYNCED FROM clause SYSTEM ACTIVATE <dest tdpid> SYNCED FROM <source tdpid>;
    A table cannot be placed in the Active state without first activating the system.