17.10 - Function Entry Name Clause - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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The Function Entry Name clause specifies an identifier for the function_entry_name variable as it is defined in its C or C++ module. It must match the function entry point name when the source is compiled and linked into a shared library. The function entry point name is used when the function defined by this statement is called.

You must specify this clause if the external function entry point name is different than function_name or specific_function_name. The string specifies the entry point name of the function, which is its external name.

You can only specify one function entry name per UDF definition.

The syntax for this clause is as follows:


The character ¡ represents a user-defined delimiter.

Follow this procedure to specify a function entry name string:

  1. Begin the clause with the character F, which indicates that the characters that follow are the function entry name for the UDF.
  2. Specify an arbitrary delimiter character to separate the F code and the function entry name specified in the string.
  3. Specify the function entry name for the UDF.

    This is the name of the C or C++ function object code.